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XCC binding


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Our revolutionary XC binding.
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XC-C Free Binding System®

The "skating" or "free" technique of cross-country, the fastest and most effective movement pattern, has brought about refinements in design of skis and bindings. Drawing on extensive klapskate, Nordic Blading and Speedskating experience, Cádo Motus has developed a new style of boot and binding for XC free skiing.

Fitting on common binding mounting points (SNS/NNN), with no ski-modification required - the Cádo Motus XC Binding accepts 165mm mount-length skate boots with 22mm fore/aft adjustment for biomechanically efficient positioning of the clap hinge under ball of the foot.

Cádo Motus unique Step-in system allows the user to literally switch ski's in seconds - enabling XC athletes to select the fastest ski setup they have pre-prepared for the event temperature and snow conditions - just moments before the start if necessary.

Using the system it is possible to: Significantly increase control and push-off efficiency, and Ski Faster using advanced acceleration techniques like the Double-Push (yes, the Double-Push on skis)...

Find more information about Double-Push Skating and Klap Skate in Cross Country Skiing - By Thomas Stöggl & Stefan Lindinger here


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