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  • Versatile cycling & triathlon bag
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Versatile cycling bag & triathlon transition bag


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Versatile cycling gear bag and triathlon transition bag for triathletes. A water resistant backpack for all your bike gear with multifunctional 2 compartment interior for wet & dry separation.

  • Large capacity 35 liter
  • Adjustable shoulder and hip straps
  • Collapsible wet pouch for shoes or wetsuit
  • Separate, run or bike shoe pockets and detachable drink bottle pockets
  • Easy-access accessory pockets on top and internal zippered pocket for your wallet
  • Ventilated wet compartment

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129,50 €


Are you looking for a multi-purpose gear bag for triathlon, cycling or mountain biking?

The Cádomotus Versatile gear bag is the most all-round sports pack on the market. A backpack for cyclist and triathletes with which anything is possible. It’s literally the only backpack you will need from now on whether you are going to ride, mountain bike or participate in a triathlon. It will fit everything you want and need to bring. From experience we know this gear bag won’t ever break. The waterproof material is so strong and if your backpack gets dirty, you will be able to wipe it down with a cloth. All zippers and stitches are durable and high quality. No need to be careful with this backpack.

The Cádomotus Versatile water resistant gear bag is simply the best triathlon transition bag in the world.

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Made From Nein
Easy access Nicht verfügbar
Total Gear Capacity 35Ltr
Pack Dimensions Nicht verfügbar
Pack Weight Nicht verfügbar
Adjustable Torso Length Nicht verfügbar
Compartment Capacity Nicht verfügbar
Store Speedskates Nicht verfügbar
Wet - Dry Separation Nicht verfügbar
Store Bike Shoes Nicht verfügbar
Collapsible bottom pocket Nicht verfügbar
Detachable bottle holders Nicht verfügbar
Detachable helmet pocket Nicht verfügbar


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