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Torq Organic Energy Drink


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TORQ Energy is a naturally flavoured isotonic energy drink, containing no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives. This product has been painstakingly formulated so that it delivers TORQ’s unique blend of carbohydrate and electrolytes to the working muscles through a drink that is lightly flavoured, refreshing and natural. TORQ Energy forms part of the TORQ Fuelling System, so can be used alongside TORQ’s energy gels, bars and chews to fuel optimal performances. Please take the time to read about the TORQ Fuelling System to ensure that you get the most out of this product.
Torq Organic Energy Drink is available for purchase in increments of 1


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17,85 €


Energy Natural Orange

Gewicht: 30gram

  • Optimale koolhyrdraten mix (2:1 Maltodextrine:Fructose)
  • Met 5 essentiële electrolyten
  • Natuurlijke smaken
  • Geen kunstmatige kleur en zoetstoffen
  • Geschikt voor vegetariërs



30gram opgelost in water is goed voor 500ml energydrink (6%)
30gram sachet is 1 dosering voor 500ml
500gram bus is goed voor 16 bidons van 500ml of 11 bidons van 750ml
1,5kg zak is goed voor 48 bidons van 500ml of 33 bidons van 750ml


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