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Carbonio NSX® speed skate


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All high-end specifications that you’ve ever wished for, at an unbeatable price


Simply put, this is the only ice speedskate on the market that offers you all the high-end specifications that you’ve ever wished for, at an unbeatable price:

- High quality pigskin leather liner for comfortable bare feet skating
- High-end clap system with industry standard cartridge bearings and an unbreakable double spring system
- 63-64HRC bimetal steel blade
- Rich looks but with the typical long track style
- Great vacuum molding capabilities to ensure a perfect fit

The NSX® profile enhances the steering capability of our innovative lightweight aluminum tube. You won’t find a boot that offers more comfort and support at higher skating speeds. The Carbonio is an unsurpassed value and genuine advantage on the track. It’s a tight fit ice speedskating boot with the excellent molding options, making it as close to custom as you can get at a price that won’t break the bank.

These are the blades that will make your transition from a beginner to skilled pure speedskater faster than you ever thought possible!

Read here how to mold the boots and ensure a perfect fit.

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Blade steel S601 HS Steel 63-64HRC
Blade tube alloy AA6061


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