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Carbonio 525® speed skate


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The Carbonio 525 speed skate is the preferred choice of marathon and long distance skaters.


When the podium calls your name, will you be equipped to answer? You will be if you’re using our ice blades to your fullest advantage. Cádo Motus and Marchese blades make your straights easy with maximum pressure in the corners. Steering is simple. You can carry your speed and still skate fast when you’d normally become tired because our blades allow you to build pressure early in your push. Efficient design allows force and speed to flow freely, leaving nothing wasted and everything gained.
Integrated with a boot that supports your entire foot, you feel more stable and have more control during your fastest laps. This is the secret to success on the ice. Conditions have changed, forcing ancient boot technology to the back of the pack. If you come from a more traditional ice speedskating boot using a technology adapted in the '90's, you will recognize the difference with the Carbonio boots immediately: the undeniable benefit of total-foot support.

And it’s well known in the modern world of speedskate boot design that if you decrease the mass of your boot and provide for increased force, you will boost acceleration to new levels. This is the setup to achieve it. Lightweight and rigid where it’s needed most, this is a combination that pushes your limits further than before, allowing you to achieve new personal bests and shatter all expectations.

Pure speedskaters show up, strap on and don’t stop. These are the blades that are the preferred choice of marathon and long distance skaters who win. Will they be your choice? The answer reveals your destiny.

Interchangeable with Marchese or Cádo Motus tubes Reynolds 953, 853 and SilverSaya(NSX)

A 150 bridge is suitable for boot sizes EU34 - 39 and fit on Marchese 15.0" to 16.5" blades
A 165 bridge is suitable for boot sizes EU40 - 42 and fit on Marchese 16.0" to 17.0" blades
A 180 bridge is suitable for boot sizes EU43 - 45 and fit on Marchese 17.0" to 18.0" blades
A 195 bridge is suitable for boot sizes EU46 - 47 and fit on Marchese 17.5" to 18.5" blades

Find technical information such as compatibility with blade lengths and boot sizes here

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Blade steel S601 HS Bimetal 63-64HRC
Blade tube alloy Reynolds 525 steel


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