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Sanwa Kenma diamond sharpening set


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Lightweight set for travelling Elite skaters: all you need for advanced shapening!


Sanwa Kenma advanced sharpening tools

The diamond grinding segment Blade Sharpener is one of the most advanced tools that have ever been made for the top ice speed skating athletes in the world. It improves the gliding quality on the ice surface and massively reduces the frictional resistance. Despite of all these advantages, the sharpening process itself will be getting easier and faster. In addition, sharpened ice-skate skids will ensure a better stability. Our main goal is to shorten your time consumed for the preparation of the ice-skates and to make your ice-skating life more pleasant.

This Sanwa Kenma starter set includes a double grit high-end diamond stone #500 and #2000, plus a Side Sharpening deburr and dress stone. Never travel without a set of these in your bag.

The Blade Sharpeners and Side Sharpeners have been developed for wet use only. Use water as a
lubrification/for cooling.


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