ST Kufen

ST Kufen

In a world of tradition where fractions of seconds count for everything, we’ve redefined what athletes can come to expect from their ice blades, and shaved full seconds off lap times everywhere. In development partnership with Paul Marchese, we’ve introduced innovative new ways to manipulate traditional blade materials, allowing the world’s fastest speedskaters a new level of command and control over the ice. Elegance, simplicity, design superiority and focused precision, Cádomotus and Marchese blades are ominous tools, to be used by only those with the deepest desire to master the art of winning. Our short track speed skating blades won't define you, but with them, you'll carve your permanent place in the standings, defining a new standard of greatness for the next generation to aspire to.

  1. Marchese Zero

    This is the short track blade you've heard about. Erfahren Sie mehr
  2. Cups for Marchese shorttrack blades (2pcs)

    This simple innovation will revolutionize your set-up forever. Erfahren Sie mehr
  3. Cup mounting bolts

    Mounting Bolts for Marchese shorttrack blades, includes 4xM5 bolts. Erfahren Sie mehr
  4. Cádomotus Allmount blades

    Kleinstmöglich: 175,00 

    Your crossover from inline to ice speed skating just got easier with the one ice skate blade that fits all boot mounts! Erfahren Sie mehr
  5. Xlow cups for Allmount

    Extra low cups for more stability Erfahren Sie mehr
  6. ST cups for Allmount

    Shorttrack cups are higher Erfahren Sie mehr