Short track skates

Short track speed skating is a practice in perfection and a roll of the dice. Patient precision and the excellence of execution combine to create the fluidity of form that carries your speed through the turns and down the straightaways, where quick reflexes and the ability to read the ice make the difference between gold and DNF. With Cádomotus and Marchese short track speed skating equipment, you won’t be gambling like the others in your pack. With Cádomotus short track speed skates you’ll have command and control of the ice that you’ve only ever dreamt of.

  1. Alpha-Y short track Aero kids helmet


    The Alpha-Y is the short track speed skating helmet re-invented with an ergonomic shaped contour that offers more protection than those classic straight cut designs. From the inside out, it’s unlike any other helmet on the market, with a more secure and comfortable fit. A speed skating helmet that protects the head, providing comfort, safety and support for short track speed skaters who need protection. 

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  2. Omega Aero shorttrack helmet

    Von: 179,50 

    Bis: 244,00 €

    The Cádomotus Omega helmet is setting new standards for aerodynamics, ventilation and impact protection in high performance short track speed skating helmets. Built on a strict safety core of breathability and uncompromised strength, the Omega keeps you cool and safe when things heat up! Your safety is our number one concern, and with this speed skating helmet, speed doesn’t get compromised for safety. ISU certified.

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  3. Marchese Visier für Aerospeed Helm

    Original Visier in 4 verschiedenen Farben. Erfahren Sie mehr
  4. Cádomotus-Marchese 111 short track speed skate

    Kleinstmöglich: 275,00 

    You won’t find a shorttrack skate that offers more comfort, support and technology at this price!

    See this video and find out what Paul Marchese says about the Zero shorttrack blades:
    Paul Marchese analyses zero blades

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  5. CadoMotus-Allmount 111 short track speed skate

    Kleinstmöglich: 375,00 

    .. making entry to the short track speed skating sport easy with our latest technology and a blade that fits all boot mounts! Erfahren Sie mehr
  6. Cádomotus 111 Short Track Boot

    Best short track boot to get confident and lean in the corners on your outside edges. The Cádomotus 111 heat moldable short track boot sets the standard for all clubskaters. Erfahren Sie mehr
  7. NewSpeed Allmount® speed skate

    NewSpeed Allmount® speed skate


    Kleinstmöglich: 375,00 

    A great beginner skate for extra support for those who need to learn. Erfahren Sie mehr
  8. Cádomotus Allmount blades

    Kleinstmöglich: 175,00 

    Your crossover from inline to ice speed skating just got easier with the one ice skate blade that fits all boot mounts! Erfahren Sie mehr
  9. ST cups for Allmount

    Shorttrack cups are higher Erfahren Sie mehr
  10. Xlow cups for Allmount

    Extra low cups for more stability Erfahren Sie mehr
  11. Marchese Alpha Helm

    Der weltweit erste und leichteste Helm, welcher speziell für das Eisschnelllaufen konzipiert wurde. Erfahren Sie mehr
  12. Marchese Visier für Aerospeed Helm

    Original Visier in 4 verschiedenen Farben. Erfahren Sie mehr
  13. Staybent Radius gauge

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    The easiest to use and most accurate gauge for new and experienced ice blade technicians. This blade tool can be used for radius or bend measuring in or out your sharpening jig. Erfahren Sie mehr
  14. Staybent Short Track bender

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    Machined from a solid aluminium block this bender offers a greater control than other speed skating maintentance tool. Erfahren Sie mehr
  15. Marchese Zero

    This is the short track blade you've heard about. Erfahren Sie mehr
  16. Staybent sharpening frame

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    Worlds most accurate and stable sharpening frame Erfahren Sie mehr
  17. Staybent top mount locators

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    .. to ensure that your blades are level every time you sharpen Erfahren Sie mehr
  18. Techni-Cords Pk 1

    Set of Techni-cords: specific power and strength training simple enough for beginners Erfahren Sie mehr
  19. Techni-Cords Pk 2

    Techni-Cords Pk 2


    Set of Techni-cords with 2 hip belts: the most skating specific power and strength training! Erfahren Sie mehr
  20. Ing Engineering bender by Heemskerk Metaal

    This bender is designed to match the Record blade geometry but can be used for any other speedskating blades also, it comes with a flat and profiled wheel. Machining of the parts and assembly is done in the Netherlands at Heemskerk Metaal. Erfahren Sie mehr
Short Track Eisschnelllauf ist ein Sport in Perfektion und Glück. Geduldige Präzision und die Professionalität sind notwendig um den Fluss der Geschwindigkeit über die kurzen Geraden und die engen Kurven zu meistern. Schnelle Reflexe und die Fähigkeit, das Eis zu lesen macht den Unterschied zwischen Gold und Verlieren. Mit CadoMotus und Marchese, werden Sie nicht wie die anderen Teil in einem Glücksspiel sein. Sie müssen der Bestimmende des Eises sein, eine Rolle von der du immer nur geträumt hast.