Aero helmets for ice speedskating. ISU certified ice skate helmets for marathon and mass start races. Rethinking the possibilities, it’s how Cádomotus continually exceeds your expectations. Imagine, one ice speed skate helmet to carry over between skate disciplines, rated for long track speed skating, short track speed skating, ice speed skating and inline speed skating, that provides the protection, safety rating, comfort, cooling and aerodynamics required to allow you the freedom to perform at your peak. We imagined this, and the world responded. Cádomotus ice speed skate helmets are worn on tracks of all surface types by athletes serious about protecting their greatest personal asset. Our speed skate helmets provide coverage that armors, venting that cools, fitting and strapping that’s comfortable and secure, with style that’s at the same time classic and contemporary. Cádomotus. We are pure speedskating, we are here to keep you cool and safe.

  1. Omega Aerospeed ice speedskating helmet

    Von: 159,50 

    Bis: 214,00 €

    The Cádomotus Omega speed skate helmet is setting new standards for aerodynamics, ventilation and impact protection in high performance ice skating helmets. Built on a strict safety core of breathability and uncompromised strength, the Omega accepts the burdens of climate control and trauma absorption, keeping you cool and safe when things heat up! Exclusive in-mold hybrid of a lightweight structural core and EPS allows for more vents without sacrificing the high protection requirements of speedskating

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  2. Omega Aerospeed cycling and speedskating helmet WHITE | MIA edition


    Be all MIA with this white Omega Aerospeed helmet, thanks to CádoMotus’ and MIA’s unique and exclusive co-operation! The safe, ventilating and fashionable looking helmet with the MIA-design will go perfect with both the Diamond Black as well as the Royal Purple collection.

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  3. Marchese Visier für Aerospeed Helm

    Original Visier in 4 verschiedenen Farben. Erfahren Sie mehr
  4. Alpha-Y Aero kids ice speed skating helmet

    World’s first longtrack speed skating helmet for children. The Cádomotus Alpha-Y helmet is the most important piece of protective gear for any speed skater, helping them avoid crippling injury. It is the ice helmet all kids should be wearing and will help them have a great experience with their sport. It will help them find their fastest speeds, keep them protected, cool and help them place where they should! Erfahren Sie mehr
  5. Alpha Aerospeed Weissensee helmet

    Kleinstmöglich: 139,50 

    The Cádomotus Alpha speed skating helmet is the gold standard of helmets for marathon ice skating. This speed skating helmet offers the option to close the vents to protect yourself in extreme cold weather. The yellow lens enhances contrast and protects your eyes. Erfahren Sie mehr
  6. Marchese Alpha Helm

    Der weltweit erste und leichteste Helm, welcher speziell für das Eisschnelllaufen konzipiert wurde. Erfahren Sie mehr
  7. Abnehmbares AERO Schild

    Sicher zu befestigendes AERO Schild zur Abdeckung der Lüftungsschlitze des Marchese Helm Erfahren Sie mehr
  8. Polsterung für Aerospeed Helm

    Komfortable und schnelltrocknende Polster Erfahren Sie mehr
  9. Marchese Visier für Aerospeed Helm

    Original Visier in 4 verschiedenen Farben. Erfahren Sie mehr
  10. Retention system XS

    Um den Marchese Helm auf Größe XS (50cm) einzustellen Erfahren Sie mehr