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Rookie JR2-BOY inline skate


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Our inline speedskate for kids that gets you up to speed faster with greater control, comfort and style! This kids skate is designed for boys and can take 90, 100 or 110mm wheels.

See this video and checkout how fast Joey Mantia changes the Rookie skate from a 4-wheel into a 3-wheel setup: Joey Mantia presents the Rookie-NSC skate

Inline speed skate configurator

  • Configure the Cádo Motus Rookie JR2 skate based on your preferences.
  • The price will adjust according to your selection of frame, wheels and and bearings of choice!


Next generation speedskaters start here.

The Rookie 2 inline speedskate for children will help your kids off the line quicker and up to their full speed potential faster with greater control, comfort and in a boys style.

Cádo Motus engineers reworked and targeted specific stability, support and comfort points to provide a solid equipment base to build their skills on. These inline skates are the platform for success in speedskating that your young skaters needs to max out and grow beyond in the sport:

The reboot of the Rookie 2 features a fit that’s snug around the ankle for more stability, with higher cuffs that increase support for developing muscles, with a softer collar that eliminates the blisters and abrasions that are the number one reason a lot of kids abandon the sport. This advancement alone is worth your time!
We’ve also developed a speed lacing system for easy fastening and quick adjustment, so your skater can go from on-skate to dry-land activities faster and easier, without having to ask for help, making them own their experience even more. Parents will appreciate our response to durability concerns with increased attention to wear and tear.
Our new scuff guard around the toe-box and new carbon composite layup will help ensure and even longer active lifetime and resale value with the boot, so that the skates can be passed along once your skater has outgrown them.

Gear heads will agree that the innovation in this package is revolutionary: with our exclusive Relative Proportion Platform we’ve brought forward two lengths that introduce age-appropriate wheel bases into the skater development lifecycle – the 10 and 11 inch frame.

The 10”, shorter frames are developmentally targeted at the smallest skaters giving you the 3x or 4x wheel option with 84mm wheels – they develop ankle strength, confidence, stance and speed with better turning and maneuverability and more control. In short, they will find and master their particular form faster than they can on any other off-the-shelf solution. The pros agree that this is the right height and length to balance weight distribution on the skate so they can grasp the feel of control and increase speed as they progress in their technique, with no short cuts in development.

Our 11” 4x90mm configuration is designed to accommodate the mid-range foot sizes of 34-37 with our Relative Proportion Platform concept, which is the bio-science of muscle memory development on dimensionally tailored skates. In these crucial developmental years, as they’re defining their form, a skate that fits proportionally prepares them for skating on longer lengths with optimal positioning as they grow, because they know how a skate should fit and feel for maximum control. Or, if they’ve stopped growing, this training package allows them to skate on a wheelbase that’s optimized for their size, because in this sport there’s nothing generic about a winning formula.

And for those just entering the Junior phase, there's the 12" set-upfor the shortest possible frame in a 4x100mm configuration. This frame is for kids that are well on their way, having built up some power in their legs and a decent technique. This is the 'tween phase when competition gets a little more intense, and your skater is getting ready to move into full adult frames in a season or two. This frame also mounts at 195 to accommodate those who've grown into a shoe size
of 40+. The skater development lifecycle is something we take very seriously, as you do. With planning, training and technology, you're putting your skaters on the path to perfection with Cádo Motus in your bag.

This skate provides the foundational 4 wheel set up for small wheel beginnings and the 3 wheel configuration for built-in age and skill level upgrade!
Read more about the 2-in-1 Neo Transformer frame on this page

All of our standard assemblies come outfitted with Hyper XTR wheels, or the optional MPC Turbo Training or MPC BlackMagic wheels, with Bones Reds speed bearings coming standard, or turbo charged with the optional Bones Super Reds, or Reds Ceramics.

With color combinations that will excite their youthful need for style and our electric blue anodizing and laser engraved graphics on our frames, your developing skaters will feel cool, look cool, and keep their cool as they learn the secrets to developing skill, form and speed in pure speedskater comfort and style, the Cádo Motus way.


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