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Removable CUSTOM COLOR aero shield


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Magnetically fastened aero shield for venting conversion


Add the shield on outdoor marathons for protection from rain or cold. It will help you to keep warm. Detach the shield when racing in an indoor ice arena and get extra ventilation for your head. Or detach the shield and use the helmet for inline or road cycling, taking advantage of the cooling airflow created by the seven minimized air vents.

The cover can be removed during skating with just one hand.


Colour Nein
Made From Nein
IP64 Weather Resistant Nicht verfügbar
Store Speedskates Nicht verfügbar
Wet - Dry Separation Nicht verfügbar
Store Bike Shoes Nicht verfügbar
Collapsible bottom pocket Nicht verfügbar
Detachable bottle holders Nicht verfügbar
Pack Suspension Nicht verfügbar
Detachable helmet pocket Nicht verfügbar
Capacity Nein


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