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Omega Aero Cycling Helmet


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Looking for the best aero road helmet with visor for road racing, crit races, track, triathlon, time trialling and speedskating? The Cádomotus Omega Aero cycling helmet protects your head and provides aerodynamic performance that you need to cheat the wind. This aero road bike helmet is a great looking, great fitting, safe and aerodynamic helmet for cyclists that’s based on our popular Omega Aero platform. This aerodynamic aero helmet is a world class entry into the cycling helmet market. It’s the epitome of Cádomotus style and performance.

The integrated SKY lenses offer a uniform eye coverage with no disruption from the frame, as would be the case with standard glasses. You will experience a wider field of vision. The Omega SKY lenses are unique because they are attached via three powerful magnets that allow you to quickly and easily remove the visor, placing it in a “storage” position when you want to get the visor out of the way (this also makes getting the helmet on and off incredibly easy).

The Omega is one of the best ventilated Aero bike helmets thanks to the two large vents in the front of the helmet. The honeycomb structure inside the vent holes allows fresh air to flow into the internal channels, at the same time the honeycomb structure works as a bug shield and prevents insects to get in.

Omega Aero Cycling Helmet is available for purchase in increments of 1

Preis wie konfiguriert: 0,00 €


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Omega Aero Cycling Helmet is available for purchase in increments of 1

Preis wie konfiguriert: 0,00 €


The best OTG (Over the Glasses) Aero helmet for cyclists

Many cyclists wear contacts, but contacts could be irritating, and prescription sports glasses and inserts are expensive. Cadomotus Omega helmet with integrated visor fit over your regular glasses. The Cádomotus SKY visors have a lens shape that matches the curvature of your eyes to give you a less distorted field of vision, more peripheral vision and a clearer sharper view.

Our SKY lenses use a blue Revo® lens coat delivers an extreme stylish aura that works to limit glare off the bright, white surface of snow and ice.

✓ Cadomotus SKY lenses offer 100% optical clarity.
✓ Cadomotus SKY lenses offer a more accurate vision.
✓ Cadomotus SKY lenses offer a wider field of vision.

Read on our blog; 'Why is the Omega helmet an evolutionary aero helmet?'


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