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NewSpeed Allmount® speed skate


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A great beginner skate for extra support for those who need to learn.


A great beginner skate with a higher boot that offers more support. For those who need to learn and finesse a sideward push, the essential ingredient to increased acceleration at higher speeds.
The boots offer you the comfort you need to put in hours of intense, focused training with the support you demand of a top-level boot. You’ll feel confident to get on the edges of your ice blade and lean into the corners. A psychological barrier that needs to be overcome if you ever expect to be among the best. On these boots, you can focus on finding your balance and not have to worry about pitch and pain.

Pure speedskaters pursue perfection.

The Allmount is your path to pure form, allowing you to build a foundation upon which you’ll find greatness.

Use the same boot for inline!


Blade steel 440A Carbon Steel 58HRC
Blade tube alloy AA6061


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