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Nero iD speed skate


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Preis wie konfiguriert: 1.250,00 €

Verfügbarkeit:Auf Lager erzeit 3-4 Wochen


Optimum power, balance and control, all in one ice speedskate. #easycarveblades

Preis wie konfiguriert: 1.250,00 €

Nero iD speed skate is available for purchase in increments of 1

Preis wie konfiguriert: 1.250,00 €


Nero iD boot (with R853)    (erzeit 3-4 Wochen)   +0,00 €

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Nero iD speed skate is available for purchase in increments of 1

Preis wie konfiguriert: 1.250,00 €


The boots: Our flagship, Marchese semi-custom craftsmanship in your own graphic colours just like Paul's famous custom boots, world-class attention to detail, uncompromising demand for excellence. They are the platform for greatness.

The blades: Record blades, unmistakable by its unique 'Open Tube' finish, features:
- Reynolds 853 seamless air-hardening heat-treated tubing, maintaining the bend longer
- Gas shielded metal arc brazing that ensures a lifetime blade-to-runner fixation
- PM-grade bimetal runner for the best glide properties and sharpest blade possible
- 7075-grade aluminium clap system fitted with 688 TwinCam® ILQ cartridge bearings: lightweight, strong and durable
- Oversized linear springs to increase performance lifetime
- Standard 21m rocker

The 853 tube is heat-treated to give high strength and damage resistance, and the steel properties allow thin walls to be used, so that lower weight but fatigue-resistant structures can be made. Combined with the PM-grade bimetal runner this blade is up to 3x stronger than Viking or Maple, with the same flex range.

Interchangeable with other Marchese tubes Reynolds 525 and SilverSaya

Check technical information such as compatibility with blade lengths, clap systems and boot sizes here

For You By Paul Marchese, Master Technician

2002, 2006 & 2010 Olympic Team Skate Technician

Olympic logos


Blade steel S390PM Bimetal 67-68HRC
Blade tube alloy Nein


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