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  1. Nordic clap frame

    180,00 €
    Dieser Skateframe liefert Langsteckenunterstützung für eine maximale Ausnutzung jeder Abdruckbewegung. Erfahren Sie mehr
  2. Nordic Scout skate

    Nordic Scout skate


    650,00 €
    Off-road skate with 200mm air tires for the ultimate Nordic experience! Erfahren Sie mehr
  3. Nordic Scout - chassis only

    Nordic Scout - chassis only


    300,00 €
    Nordic skating in a new dimension: off-road Erfahren Sie mehr
  4. Gravity Master ® brakeset

    175,00 €
    Simply the most powerful skate brake-ever Erfahren Sie mehr
  5. Cádomotus Delta cycling helmet

    89,50 €

    The Cádomotus Delta cycling helmet protects your head and your wallet. This cycling helmet is great looking, great fitting, cool, comfortable and it’s a safety value for cyclists that’s based on our popular Delta platform. This helmet proves that a top class helmet doesn’t need to be expensive. Its super light and offers a great ft & comfort. Cádomotus style.

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  6. Alpha-Y Aero kids bike helmet

    69,50 €

    World’s first aero cycling helmet for children! The Cádomotus Alpha-Y is the bike helmet all kids should be wearing. It provides head protections all the way down to the base of the skull. It’s safe, effective and ready to protect a kid’s head in a kid’s shape in size. Your kids need safety helmets to protect them in nearly every sport. This helmet gives the ultimate protection and it looks cool too! The Alpha-Y is EN1078 certified.

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  7. Omega Aero Cycling Helmet

    Von: 159,50 €

    Bis: 214,00 €

    Looking for the best aero road helmet with visor for riding a bicycle in the city, road cycling or triathlon? The Cádomotus Omega Aero cycling helmet protects your head and provides aerodynamic performance that you need to cheat the wind. This aero road bike helmet is a great looking, great fitting, safe and aerodynamic helmet for cyclists that’s based on our popular Omega Aero platform. This aerodynamic aero helmet is a world class entry into the cycling helmet market. It’s the epitome of Cádomotus style and performance. Erfahren Sie mehr
  8. Marchese Visier für Aerospeed Helm

    54,50 €
    Original Visier in 4 verschiedenen Farben. Erfahren Sie mehr
  9. Versatile cycling & triathlon gear bag

    119,50 €

    Versatile cycling gear bag and triathlon transition bag for triathletes. A waterproof backpack for all your bike gear with multifunctional 2 compartment interior for wet & dry separation.

    • Large capacity 35 liter
    • Adjustable shoulder and hip straps
    • Collapsible wet pouch for shoes or wetsuit
    • Separate, run or bike shoe pockets and detachable drink bottle pockets
    • Easy-access accessory pockets on top and internal zippered pocket for your wallet
    • Ventilated wet compartment

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  10. Airflow limited edition backpack

    79,50 €
    Limited edition designs of the most sold sports sports backpack for cyclists, ice and inline speedskaters. Exclusively sold on or in one of Expert or Brand stores worldwide. Erfahren Sie mehr