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Record 953® blades


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The 'Stay-Bend Skate'. Simplicity with innovative design.

Preis wie konfiguriert: 750,00 €

Record 953® blades is available for purchase in increments of 1

Preis wie konfiguriert: 750,00 €


Marchese Record 953 blade tubes-41/42|435mm (17")   +0,00 €

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Record 953® blades is available for purchase in increments of 1

Preis wie konfiguriert: 750,00 €


The highest quality materials and most ridged manufacturing standards combine to produce excellence on ice.

Record blades, unmistakable by its unique 'Open Tube' finish, features:

- Reynolds 953 ultrastrong Mar-Aging steel tubing, maintaining the bend longer
- High-precision robot laser welding that ensures a lifetime blade-to-runner fixation
- PM-grade bimetal runner for the best glide properties and sharpest blade possible
- 7075-grade aluminium clap system fitted with 688 TwinCam® ILQ cartridge bearings: lightweight, strong and durable
- Oversized linear springs to increase performance lifetime

The Reynolds 953 ultra-strong tubing featured on RECORD LT blades maintains bend for longer, and combines with the PM-grade bimetal runner to create a blade up to 3x stronger than Viking or Maple, with the same flex range.

A 150 bridge is suitable for boot sizes EU38 - 40.5 and fit on Marchese 15.5" to 16.5" blades
A 165 bridge is suitable for boot sizes EU40 - 43 and fit on Marchese 16.0" to 17.0" blades
A 180 bridge is suitable for boot sizes EU42 - 45 and fit on Marchese 17.0" to 18.0" blades
A 195 bridge is suitable for boot sizes EU45 - 47 and fit on Marchese 17.5" to 18.5" blades

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Paul Marchese
2002, 2006 & 2010 Olympic Team Skate Technician

Olympic logos


Blade steel S390PM Bimetal 67-68HRC
Blade tube alloy Reynolds 953 steel


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  • great blades
    Kundenmeinung von Hermanvaneschon 29.12.2013
    Boots: Viking nagano gold 2005
    previous blades: Maple comet steel

    Really lightweight, but very stable,

    steering is easy, almost automatically

    better and lighter glide during the straigt, great grip in the corners
  • marchese record
    Kundenmeinung von Benjamin Macéon 22.11.2011
    The blades are incredible. I have really good feeling both gliding and pressure.
    I can feel on the corner the same thing than when i skated in short track before and a really good glide and pressure with good stability during the straight.
    I hope they will help me to get my goal this season.