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Marchese Bianco Schaatsschoen


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Crafted for competition at the highest levels of our sport, stiffer than Nero
Marchese Bianco Schaatsschoen is available for purchase in increments of 1


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500,00 €


Bianco (Ikazuchi) - For Those Ready to Master The Art of Winning

Marchese Racing: the number one choice among many long track olympic medalists in Nagano '98, Salt Lake City '02, and Torino '06 and Vancouver '10 with 84 Olympic Medals and Counting.

Your new Marchese longtrack stock boots use superlight synthetic material for the outer, and a natural pig skin leather liner inside with a heat moldable foam interior and semi-rigid moldable tongue. With the right blend of stiffness and flexibility, combined with excellent moldability from ankle to toe, your confidence and control are assured.
Competition at the highest level in sports demands the maximum from an athlete. In speedskating, the right equipment makes the difference between great and greatest. The Marchese brand is authenticly built on the trust of the world's best. Put Cado Modus and Marchese Racing to work for you on your track to the top, today. Victory starts now.

Bianco boots are slightly stiffer on the ankle than Nero boots.

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Schuh-Montageoptionen Seitlichschlitz
Lochabstand Nein
Schuh-Härtegrad hoher Härtegrad am Knöchel, gute Kontrolle
Schuh-Verformbarkeit Zehen, Fußgewölbe, Ferse, Knöchel
Schuh-Schalenkonstruktion Karbonfaser


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