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CadoMotus-Allmount 111 short track speed skate


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.. making entry to the short track speed skating sport easy with our latest technology and a blade that fits all boot mounts!


This is the revolutionary blade that allows for easy mounting across all blade-mount lengths from 150-195mm. No need to worry about growing feet of your kids, the blades will always fit under any boot size or type. The versatility of the Allmount (former XT) blade makes it the only blade you'll find in cross-discipline conditions, from inline boot, to shorttrack or longtrack. The CadoMotus 111 is a semi-custom boot which is a hand-made with a fully moldable carbon-glass fiber composite shell and strong microfiber liner. Equipped with all essential features to to tighten the boot to your feet and offer you the support that you need to lean in the corners. These boots are completely re-designed from carbon base to the upper. All critical parts are reinforced to guarantee a lifetime that stretches over many years of fun on the 111m ice track!

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Schienenmaterial Nein
Standhöhe Nein
Lochabstand Nein
Schuh-Schalenkonstruktion Glasfaser
Wheel setup Nein
Schuh-Verformbarkeit Ferse, Knöchel
Schuh-Härtegrad extremer Härtegrad, maximale Kontrolle
Blade steel 440A Carbon Steel 58HRC


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