1. General

What is Cádo Motus?

Where can i return my recently received purchase?
What are Store Credits?
How can i earn Store Credits?

How do i select the best t-shirt or polo size?
How do i select the right boot size?
How can i mold my skating boots to solve pressure points?

What do i have to do to get a sponsorship by Cádo Motus?

2. Inline Speedskating

What are the benefits of a Transformer frame with 5 axle positions?

3. Ice Speedskating

What is the best ice blade length for me?
What is the mount separation for Marchese longtrack boots?

Can i get a helmet in a different color?
Can i get a sponsorlogo on my helmet?

Ice blade preparation

How do i use the Marchese gauge to check my blade radius or bend?
How do i rocker my blades using the Mobilap radius machine?
> download the user guide here
How do i manually sharpen my blades with the Sanwa Kenma disc stones?
> download the user guide here

You can add to the life of your speedskating boots with leather liner by proper maintenance. Read here how (in Dutch only).

See in this instruction video how to attach the visor to the helmet

How to replace the head backet for an alternate system such as the Head-lock system XS?