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Aero inline speedsuit Topaz


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Aerodynamic inline speed suit recommended for track and road. New Topaz design is made to maximize aerodynamics in the speedskating position. Our speedsuits offer flexibility while fitting as tight to your body as possible with specific materials that improve aerodynamics.

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Research has demonstrated the wind stream or airflow around a speed suit can be affected by changing its surface properties. Under the acceptable conditions, expanding the surface roughness to instigate characteristics of airflow at the boundary layer can reduce the drag experienced by a speed suit.

In all sincerity, apparel design is being examined in all aspects and for good reasons – your body and the garments you wear is always catching the breeze. We know up to 70% (or more) of the exertion a skater applies can go towards overcoming the wind resistance, and nearly 80% of the considerable amount of force experienced by a rider is related with drag and that the body is the biggest contributor towards this.

A spandex skinsuit can be a very nice piece of clothing to keep up your top performance while exercising and for those exercises that require you remain cool and dry. These lycra’s also have the capacity to give firm support just as the moisture wicking properties of spandex have stood the test of time, and the suits are presently regularly used for sports extending from triathlon to cycling and speedskating.

Basic experiment – next time you're out riding, wear some flap or sloppy garments and feel how much wind you catch.

We at Cádo Motus understand how important it is to have the best quality skating speed suits and that is why we have come up with our two new inline skating speed suits; Wulfenite and Topaz.

Cádo Motus has built up a clothing line for speed skaters, cyclists and triathletes with the producers of the ‘Fila speed skating wear’. Fila isn't just one of the greatest and most famous design/sportswear marks in Asia and Europe, they are also the suppliers of the Dutch Olympic speed skating team. They producers are also the same designers who made the speed suits for the 2018 Netherlands Speed Skating Olympic Team in PyeongChang, Korea. Cádo Motus is a brand name that boasts of the best quality of sportswears, and with the newly added speed suits; Wulfenite and Topaz.

The Cádo Motus speed suits improve your athletic performance. Our lycra offers perfect muscular compression and decreases muscular vibrations and strain. It is ideal for even the most extreme workouts. Produced in the European Union using the highest quality Italian fabrics. The quality is guaranteed to remain perfect over time thanks to the pilling, abrasion and chlorine resistance, but also the grade of UV protection (UPF 50+).

The Wulfenite and Topaz are both Aerodynamic inline speed suits recommended for track and road. The New Wulfenite Lycra as well as the Topaz speed suits are designed in order to maximize aerodynamics in the speed skating position. Our speed suits offer flexibility while fitting as tight to your body as possible with specific materials that improve aerodynamics.

Check out these great speed suits today at Cádo Motus. They are very affordable and they meet up with international standards for your competitive speed skating activities. You are sure to have an edge over fellow competitors when you use these outstanding speed suits. Always remember aerodynamics is everything.

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Back pockets Nein
Zipper Type YKK 007 japon
Zipper Placement Back
Body fabric Elastan (Lycra® Xtra Life™)
Manual elongation body Weft 230% - Warp 125%
Domestic washing/drying 40°C
Composition front/back Spandex 82.0% PL 18.0% EA
Composition sleeves Spandex 81.0% PES 19.0% EA
Gripper Lycra silicon
Composition legs/crotch Spandex 80.0% PL 20.0% EA
Certification shrinkage EN ISO 6330
Certification pilling EN ISO 12945-2 7000 rotations


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