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Fila aero speedsuit Mia-Cadomotus Team


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Our competition suit is created not just for the top athletes of our world teams but for you as well. The Cadomotus MIA clothing line is meant for girls who want to look and be the best. Designed, developed and highly recommended by our MIA athletes, this aero speed suit will have you going faster and looking better than ever before. 

Fila aero speedsuit Mia-Cadomotus Team is available for purchase in increments of 1


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99,50 €


This exclusive Fila competition clothing is made out of top of the line Italian materials. It has been developed by the designers of the fastest skating suits and cycling kits in the world. But our skin suit also qualifies as fashion because when wearing these uniforms, you not only feel good, but look good. Our ladies from the MIA World team are the proudest representatives and designers of the suit, including Lisa van der Geest and Iris van der Stelt. Check out Iris' and Lisa’s Instagram profiles to see how stylish they are!

Don’t forget to combine this suit with our Omega helmet. Personalize the color and design of the entire helmet, including visor, to match this uniform or even your skates. You will not only be the most comfortable and aerodynamic but you will also be the most fashionable.

Why is this suit the best choice?

  • Zipper on the back for better aerodynamics
  • Anti-slip cuffs, so your sleeves and thigh bands stay in place
  • Black durable panel at your waist so that your suit has full coverage
  • Aerodynamic neck similar to time trial suits
  • Breathable side panels to keep you cool 
  • Fits tight to reduce air drag without cutting off blood circulation


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