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Duo template for Mobilap


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300,00 €

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Radius template for your Mobilap
300,00 €
Duo template for Mobilap is available for purchase in increments of 1
300,00 €


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300,00 €


Mobilap radius templates are precision CNC machined out of stress free aluminium plates.

There is one duo-template included with the Mobilap (both models).
You can chose from the following standard duo-templates:

For longtrack:
21 and 23m
22 and 24m
20 and 25m
Compound templates: 21-25 and 23-27m (rear-front)

For Shorttrack:
9 and 10m
Compound templates: 8-9-7 and 7-10-7m (rear-middle-front)
Compound templates: 6-11-5 and 5-10-3m (rear-middle-front)


Schienenmaterial Nein
Standhöhe Nein
Lochabstand Nicht verfügbar
Schuh-Schalenkonstruktion Nein
Wheel setup Nicht verfügbar
Schuh-Verformbarkeit Nein
Schuh-Härtegrad Nein
Blade steel Nein


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