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Ci1 Pro Inline Custom Inline boot


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A custom boot for inline speedskating that is hand built with care, using the best leather fabrics and carbon fibers. Choose your color and stand out from the pack. Optional Express Delivery within 2 weeks.

Ci1 Pro Inline Custom Inline boot is available for purchase in increments of 1


+60,00 €

Maximale Anzahl von Ziffern oder Zeichen: 20

* Pflichtangaben

1.190,00 €


Performance you can believe in. That's the essence of the new Ci1 Pro Custom skate boot from Cádomotus. These boots are road-ready and podium proven. Step into our Ci1 customs. Your prayers have been answered.


Schuh-Montageoptionen Nein
Lochabstand 195mm
Collar height 3/4 ankle
Schuh-Härtegrad Nein
Schuh-Verformbarkeit Nein
Schuh-Schalenkonstruktion Nein
Closure Double Freelock® Dial + laces
Buckle/dial replacement Ja
Lace Cover 3/4 powerstrap
Liner Nein
Approx. Weight (1/2 pair 40) 350gr


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