Cádomotus has developed a clothing line for speed skaters with the fashion sports brand Fila in order to create the three must haves for any speed skating wardrobe. Currently available is the fastest aero speed suit in the world, a warm comfortable tec-race jacket, and full length zipper tec-pants. Available for men, women and children, the suits are offered in multiple colors such as red, blue, yellow(neon), pink, purple and orange.


Fila is not only one of the biggest and most popular fashion/sportswear brands in Asia and Europe, but they are also the supplier of the Dutch Olympic speed skating team. The same designers who created the speed suits for the 2018 Netherlands Speed Skating Olympic Team in PyeongChang, Korea, are the same ones who have built and designed our aero speed suit. Fila also works with the professional cycling team Lotto-Jumbo to create the most aerodynamic, comfortable cycling kits in the industry.

  1. Soft Flask 250ml


    This flexible and ergonomic bottle adapts to the shape of your body; It fits anywhere in your speedskating skinsuit! The soft flask is comfortable in the hand, with silicon bite valve.

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