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Airflow cycling gear bag


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This cycling gear bag was made to organize all of your cycling gear. Whether it’s your daily home to work ride, vacation in the mountains or take it as your carry-on on the plane. This cycling backpack can do it all. In the back of the pack we used a super light frame so it doesn’t just hang flat on your back. This offers ventilation, avoids sweating, is comfortable and thanks to the straps around your waist, the backpack will stay where it should. Such a pleasure to be wearing! It’s not without a reason the most sold backpack in the skating world.

Airflow gear bags are made in strong and colourful nylon fabric.
Checkout the limited edition colours

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This multipurpose gear bag is made to go with you on all your adventures. Whether it is on your daily commute, a holiday in the mountains or as a carry on luggage for the plane, this bag is perfect for every occasion.

An ultralight frame is applied to the back of the bag, so that the backpack does not hang flat on your back. This provides ventilation, and prevents sweat so that it is comfortable not only on short trips but on long commutes as well. It also has straps around your waist for extra support.

Another one of the great features of this bag is the side pouches. These give you the option to keep your cycling shoes on the outside, so that the rest of your equipment does not get dirty. There are side straps to keep them secure and in place while still allowing them to air out as well. There is a specific compartment for your helmet that has mesh material for maximum ventilation and breathability.

The main compartment of the bag may be used for clothing, and other accessories. There are also little sections for all your tools that go in your saddle bag, as well as your phone, keys, heart rate monitor etc.

With all these amazing features and a variety of colors to choose from it is one of the best-selling equipment bags in the skating and cycling community.

More Awesome Features:

  • Industrial quality nylon shoulder straps.
  • Clips to keep everything stowed in its place
  • Multipurpose side pockets with straps
  • Adjustable and breathable helmet pocket on the front to ensure that your helmet dries quickly
  • Many different compartments for tools, wallets, keys, documents and medals
  • Ergonomic wrap-around shoulder strap that relieves pressure on your shoulders and back
  • Durable zippers and clips that do not stick or break, they retain their function for life
  • Ideal compact design that is perfect for traveling


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