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Airflow cycling gear backpack


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This backpack is ideal for bike gear (shoes, helmet). The 20 liter capacity is just about right for storing shoes, all the clothing you’d need for a race, Gran Fondo or a light weekend of traveling. Multiple little storage places to keep heart rate belt, Mylaps chip, sports license and nutrician seperated from the rest of the storage. Quick access pockets for wallet and phone. Waist belt in case you need to bike a few km's to the local showers or race registration and carry the bag on your back. Unsurpassed comfort when carrying it on your back thanks to the airflow rack as found in the higher quality mountaineering bags. Dirty, stinky or wet shoes and helmet can be stowed outside and separate from the rest.

79,50 €
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79,50 €


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79,50 €

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