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Cádomotus 111 Short Track Boot


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225,00 €

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Best short track boot to get confident and lean in the corners on your outside edges. The Cádomotus 111 heat moldable short track boot sets the standard for all clubskaters.
225,00 €
Cádomotus 111 Short Track Boot is available for purchase in increments of 1
225,00 €


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225,00 €


The new Cádomotus 111 short track boot sets the standard for all clubskaters. At a fair price point this carbon boot offers you the quality that you would expect from a custom boot: it becomes one with your foot. Great fit offering the support you need to get confident on the ice.

  • extra reinforced straps, loops and eyelets
  • strong waxed laces
  • strong and durable microfiber outer leather and liner
  • perfect aligned mount blocks
  • secure mounting onto your blades
  • heat moldable short track boots


Schuh-Montageoptionen double longitudinal slide slot
Lochabstand Nein
Schuh-Härtegrad extremer Härtegrad, maximale Kontrolle
Schuh-Verformbarkeit Ferse, Knöchel
Schuh-Schalenkonstruktion Karbonfaser


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