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100mm MPC Blue Magic inline skate wheel


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100mm MPC Blue Magic FIRM
100mm MPC Blue Magic EX-FIRM


100mm MPC Blue Magic XX-FIRM


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You never have to worry anymore about chosing the right inline wheels because Cádo Motus Blue Magic work for all skating tracks, sprint and long distance.

  • The Firm is a road or track sprint wheel. Roll FIRM when race conditions are rough or slick.
  • The MPC Black Magic XFirm is the most versatile wheel of the collection. 
  • The MPC XXFirm Black Magic wheel is harder and rolls better than XF.
100mm MPC Blue Magic inline skate wheel is available for purchase in increments of 1


The inline race wheel that gives you the performance you need, when you need it: straight-line speed – all-road/track surface efficiency - energy-saving rebound - reliable grip - M-tech® optimization

The 100mm wheels are a perfect choice for juvenile skaters. Excellent performance together with the Neo TR inline frame in 12.0 length or Comp Transformer frame in 12.4 or 12.8 length

What hardness should I chose?

  • Roll FIRM when race conditions are rough or slick.
  • Roll X-FIRM when race conditions are hard, smooth and dry.
  • Roll XX-FIRM whenyou look for the wheel with the most roll


Gewicht (g) Nicht verfügbar
PU band Dual durometer
Wheels best for Road circuit, Road marathon, Track Sprint, Track Long Distance
Performance Fast straights, Great corners, High grip
Einsatzbereich Dry
Hub size (mm) Nicht verfügbar
Hub Design 9 Turbine Spokes
Best performance with spacers 10.05 +/-0.2mm
Wheel weight 115


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